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Financial Life on the Farm: Investing in Your Future

Thursday, December 17, 2020 - 4:00 pm

Investing in Your Future - December 17, 2020, 4-5pm PST

Living your rich life requires investing in your future. Set yourself up for success with a strategy for investing that works for you.

Financial wellness is made up of your financial security and freedom today and in the future. While managing your finances and making the right moves can give you security and freedom today, investing is where you can make a big impact on your future. In this free workshop we will discuss the different investment timelines and the tools and products you can use to optimize your investments to achieve your financial aspirations.


  • Get a detailed definition of “investing”
  • Gain an understanding of how time factors into an investment plan
  • Gain an understanding of the basic investment vehicles available and the security or risk each one carries
  • Learn strategies for optimizing your investments to meet your needs
  • Access tools and resources from SFCU and Mind Over Money to help you build an investment strategy and take action
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Stanford Federal Credit Union and Club Cardinal
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